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di Biase, M. (author), Bruntink, Magiel (author), van Deursen, A. (author), Bacchelli, A. (author)
Background: Code review is a cognitively demanding and time-consuming process. Previous qualitative studies hinted at how decomposing change sets into multiple yet internally coherent ones would improve the reviewing process. So far, literature provided no quantitative analysis of this hypothesis.<br/>Aims: (1) Quantitatively measure the effects...
journal article 2019
di Biase, M. (author), Rastogi, A. (author), Bruntink, Magiel (author), van Deursen, A. (author)
Existing maintainability models are used to identify technical debt of software systems. Targeting entire codebases, such models lack the ability to determine shortcomings of smaller, fine-grained changes. This paper proposes a new maintainability model – the Delta Maintainability Model (DMM) – to measure fine-grained code changes, such as...
conference paper 2019
di Biase, M. (author), Bruntink, Magiel (author), Bacchelli, A. (author)
Modern Code Review (MCR) is an established software development process that aims to improve software quality. Although evidence showed that higher levels of review coverage relates to less post-release bugs, it remains unknown the effectiveness of MCR at specifically finding security issues. We present a work we conduct aiming to fill that gap...
conference paper 2016