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dos Santos Avila, D. (author), Offerman, S.E. (author), Santofimia, Maria Jesus (author)
While experiments show that refining the prior austenite grain size can either accelerate or decelerate bainite formation in steels, kinetic models based on the successive nucleation of bainitic ferrite subunits can only predict an acceleration. In this work we develop a physically-based model for bainite kinetics assuming a displacive growth...
journal article 2024
Schramm Deschamps, Isadora (author), dos Santos Avila, D. (author), Vanzuita Piazera, Enzo (author), Dudley Cruz, Robinson Carlos (author), Aguilar, Claudio (author), Nelmo Klein, Aloisio (author)
In situ composite manufacture is an approach to improve interfacial adhesion between matrix and reinforcements, in which reinforcements are synthesized along composite processing itself. In situ powder metallurgy route, in particular, offers alternatives to some shortcomings found in other techniques. This work aims not only to review the state...
review 2022