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Boelens, O.J. (author), Laban, M. (author), van Beek, C.M. (author), van der Leeden, R. (author)
In this report the contribution of the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR to the 'CFD Drag Prediction Workshop' organized by the AIAA in Anaheim, CA, on June 9-10, 2001, is presented. This contribution consists of both the results of all test cases and a discussion on the accurate computations of drag coefficients. Two approaches are presented...
report 2001
van Beek, C.M. (author)
The application of a boundary integral or "panel" method to duct flows is described. The method is capable of computing the three dimensional, steady state, subsonic, linearized (Prandtl-Glauert) potential flow about general configurations. The method is characterized by the application of a Dirichlet boundary condition and of "compressible"...
report 1987
van Beek, C.M. (author), Piers, W.J. (author), Slooff, J.W. (author)
A boundary integral or "panel" method is described for computing the threedimensional, steady state, potential flow about ship configurations with or without lifting surfaces in the presence of a free surface in an initially undisturbed sea. The low order method is characterized by a special modelling of the free surface boundary condition, by...
report 1985