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van Beek, Hidde (author)
Arid regions throughout the world experience long periods of drought. Combined with a high temperature, this can lead to water shortage. Due to climate change, this is expected to worsen, as areas become drier and temperatures increase. One of the regions where this problem occurs is the region of North-East Africa. In this region, water stress...
master thesis 2022
Visser, Froukje (author), van Beek, Hidde (author), den Held, Lisanne (author), Groen, Dennis (author)
In recent years the need for action against climate change has severely grown. Action is needed now and circularity can help to make sectors more sustainable. The agri-food sector plays a big role in this, as we need three times the surface area of our country to support the needs of the inhabitants.The agri-food sector is putting too much...
student report 2021
Joemmanbaks, Shaïf (author), van Beek, Hidde (author), Hartmann, Nicole (author), Baghuis, Hannah (author), van der Lingen, Annick (author), Buz, Anil (author), Janz, Robin (author), Goossens, Marnix (author)
Dit boekje is de neerslag van het thema ‘Faalkosten en budgetoverschrijdingen’,<br/>onderdeel van het BSc-vak ‘Bouwkunde als wetenschappelijke discipline’:<br/>Literatuuronderzoek (BK2AC1).
student report 2017