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van Blijswijk, M.J. (author)
Achieving the transition to a renewable energy supply in Europe requires further integration of national electricity systems. To support the large-scale integration of variable renewable energy sources, different regions in Europe will increasingly come to rely on each other to meet demand during different hours of the year. This requires an...
doctoral thesis 2017
Van Blijswijk, M.J. (author), Chappin, E.J.L. (author), De Vries, L.J. (author)
Congestion management in liberalized power sectors is a complex multi-actor problem, where technical, economic, social, regulatory, and political aspects all play a role. This paper presents a participatory simulation tool that can be used to evaluate congestion management mechanisms. It was developed to facilitate research related to strategic...
journal article 2012
Van Blijswijk, M.J. (author)
Due to the introduction of a new grid connection policy, transmission system operator TenneT expects congestion to arise on the Dutch transmission grid in the near future. This new connection policy was introduced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to abolish the discrimination between existing grid users and new entrants, and should improve...
master thesis 2011