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van Doorn, Sylvia (author)
The Miombo woodlands are characterized by a transition period which is defined as the dry period in which grasses wither, trees shed and flush their leaves a few weeks before the rainy season. It is difficult to measure evaporation, due to the influence of the plant water storage on the water availability during the dry season. The seasonal...
master thesis 2020
van Doorn, Sylvia (author), Haitsma Mulier, Margot (author), Koliolios, Nikiforos (author), van Lohuizen, Ingo (author), Schakel, Jasper (author), Verschuren, Lisa (author)
Kathmandu is a prime example of a city exhibiting both rapid metropolitan region expansion and a population boom. This growth leads to a water stress and pollution of the surface and groundwater. The lack of proper waste management and sanitation results in the ongoing deterioration of the water quality in the Kathmandu Valley. The situation is...
student report 2017