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Van Dorp, I. N. (author), Leegwater, A. J. (author), Alberink, I. (author), Jongbloed, G. (author)
In the so-called rare type match problem, the discrete characteristics of a crime stain have not been observed in the set of background material. To assess the strength of evidence, two competing statistical hypotheses need to be considered. The formulation of the hypotheses depends on whichidentification of source question is of interest ...
journal article 2020
Kool, Fréderique Suzanne (author), van Dorp, I. (author), Bolck, Annabel (author), Leegwater, Anna Jeannette (author), Jongbloed, G. (author)
In the evaluation of measurements on characteristics of forensic trace evidence, Aitken and Lucy (2004) model the data as a two-level model using assumptions of normality where likelihood ratios are used as a measure for the strength of evidence. A two-level model assumes two sources of variation: the variation within measurements in a group ...
review 2019