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Shakeel, A. (author), MacIver, Michael R. (author), van Kan, Paul J.M. (author), Kirichek, Alex (author), Chassagne, C. (author)
Natural fine-grained suspensions usually exhibit a complex rheological fingerprint – in particular a two-step yielding phenomenon – due to the presence of mineral clay particles and organic matter (often found in a flocculated state). These rheological properties may vary considerably from one location to another due to the differences in mud...
journal article 2021
Shakeel, A. (author), van Kan, Paul J.M. (author), Chassagne, C. (author)
A modified version of the commercially available RheOptiCAD® was developed to visualize the microscopic structural changes occurring in concentrated suspensions, such as the break-up of flocs in clay suspensions, under shearing action. This is made possible by replacing the inverted microscope used in the traditional RheOptiCAD® set-up by an...
journal article 2019