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Kranenburg, W.M. (author), van Keulen, Daan (author), Gerritsma, A. (author), Huismans, Y. (author)
We investigate the changes in surface water salinity intrusion lengths for estuaries around the world under influence of climate change. To do this, we make use of information from global data sets on present river geometry and present and predicted future river discharges, mean sea levels and tidal ranges, which we combine with various models...
conference paper 2023
van Maren, D.S. (author), Maushake, Christian (author), Mol, Jan-Willem (author), van Keulen, Daan (author), Jürges, Jens (author), Vroom, Julia (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author), Gerkema, Theo (author), Schulz, Kirstin (author)
An extensive field campaign, the Ems-Dollard Measurements (EDoM), was executed in the Ems Estuary, bordering the Netherlands and Germany, aimed at better understanding the mechanisms that drive the exchange of water and sediments between a relatively exposed outer estuary and a hyper-turbid tidal river. More specifically, the reasons for the...
journal article 2023
Kirichek, Alex (author), Cronin, Katherine (author), de Wit, Lynyrd (author), Meshkati, Ebi (author), van Keulen, Daan (author), Terwindt, Jarno (author)
report 2021