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van Manen, Bas (author)
Requirement management is an important part of the design process. A perfectly feasible design can be useless if it does not meet the requirements imposed on the design. With the upcoming automation in the design process, requirement management can become even more complicated. How are requirements driving the design and how are these...
master thesis 2022
van der Laan, Ton (author), van Manen, Bas (author), Bruggeman, A.M.R.M. (author), Wang, Z. (author), Peeters, D.M.J. (author), Sonneveld, J.S. (author), Timmermans, Huub (author)
Most MDO problems currently do not include manufacturing as an optimization domain. Within the H2020 project AGILE 4.0 the intent is to bring manufacturing into the MDO domain using MBSE techniques developed within the project. To demonstrate how manufacturing can be brought into the MDO domain application cases are set up that resemble MDO...
conference paper 2022