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van Meerten, Martijn (author)
Distributed concurrency bugs (DC bugs) are bugs that are triggered by a specific order of events in distributed systems. Traditional model checkers systematically or randomly test interleavings but suffer from the state-space explosion in long executions. This thesis presents DiscoTest, a testing tool for DC bugs in blockchain consensus...
master thesis 2022
van Meerten, Martijn (author), Overdevest, Lennart (author), Nieuwdorp, Jasper (author)
Roparun is a Foundation that organizes a yearly relay race from Paris, Hamburg and Almelo to Rotterdam in order to raise money for a variety of causes related to palliative care. They requested for an application that could create the start schedule of the race. In this thesis, the problem is analyzed and a greedy based solution is presented....
bachelor thesis 2019