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van Mil, Frenk (author), Rastogi, A. (author), Zaidman, A.E. (author)
Background: Personality plays a pivotal role in our understanding of human actions and behavior. Today, the applications of personality are widespread, built on the solutions from psychology to infer personality. Aim: In software engineering, for instance, one widely used solution to infer personality uses textual communication data. As studies...
conference paper 2021
van Mil, Frenk (author)
Personality plays a significant role in our lives; it does not only influence what we think, feel, and do, but also affects what we say about what we think, feel, and do. In software engineering (SE), it might help in improving team composition through a combination of personalities within a team, and it could help explain work preferences and...
master thesis 2020
Grent, Henk (author), Haakman, Mark (author), van Mil, Frenk (author), Waij, Sander (author)
Through the years, companies have been exploring the field of data science. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is not an exception to this. Modern trains are equipped with sensors that measure a variety of conditions within the train. This data is being stored in their data warehouse. This data has been proven useful for detection and response...
bachelor thesis 2018