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van Overeem, Jan (author)
San Andrés is a Colombian-Caribbean Island located 800 km from the Colombian coast. On its Eastern side there is a barrier reef formation protecting the island from offshore incident waves. Due to the protected environment created by the coral reef, sandy beaches can be formed on the East side of the island. <br/>During normal conditions, waves...
master thesis 2022
Kyriakou, Anastasia (author), Uphues, Charlotte (author), van Overeem, Jan (author), PAPACHRISTOPOULOU, LEFKETI (author), Iglesias, Sebastian (author)
‘The Dutch are not going to lose against the sea’, is a commonly accepted quote of the citizens of The Netherlands. Having developed a country below sea level, Dutch people are aware of the challenges of the sea, but are committed in an endless fight against it. Nowadays, with global warming increasing, the challenge for them is even bigger. Sea...
student report 2021