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van Peer, Dennis (author)
Entrance tickets for cultural venues are often sold through online retailers. Internally, these retailers have access to demand insights of a large amount of globally distributed venues. Using Tiqets as our industry partner, we were able to access data from one of the largest retailers with global reach. This thesis explores the possibility of...
master thesis 2020
Baas, Berend (author), van Peer, Dennis (author), Gerling, Jan (author), Tavasszy, Matthias (author), Buskulic, Nathan (author), Ziliotto Salamon, N. (author), Balint, J.T. (author), Bidarra, Rafael (author)
While visual impairment is relatively common, most sighted people have no idea of what it is like to live without one of the most heavily utilised senses. We developed the game Loud and Clear in order to have them experience the difficulties of being visually impaired, as well as to put in evidence the abilities blind people have developed,...
conference paper 2019
Harrison, Joe (author), Dikken, Olivier (author), van Peer, Dennis (author)
FeedbackFruits is a company that provides tools for educators to organize their courses. The company is currently working on aiding teachers in aligning course material and assessment. Aligning the two provides students with clear expectations and can lead to an increase in learning [1]. Aligning course material and assessment is usually done by...
bachelor thesis 2017