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van Vliet, Marc (author)
This report investigates the potential reduction of steel weight for offshore wind turbine supporting jacket structures, if conventional welded joints are replaced by innovative wrapped FRP joints. This new type of connection is under development by Dr. Marko Pavlovic at the Delft University of Technology, and shows outstanding fatigue...
master thesis 2019
Schilder, Simon (author), Harteveld, Rens (author), van Vliet, Marc (author), Odijk, Maik (author)
Tourism is one of the main sources of income of Jamaica. . However, at the moment the beaches are retreating. An example is the erosion of Hellshire Beach, showing a retreat of ten meters in only seven years. To preserve the beaches effectively, a new concept is requested. The main requirements of the system are wave attenuation and the marine...
student report 2018