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Limberger, Jon (author), Boxem, Thijs (author), Pluymaekers, Maarten (author), Bruhn, D.F. (author), Manzella, Adele (author), Calcagno, Philippe (author), Beekman, Fred (author), Cloetingh, S.A.P.L. (author), van Wees, Jan Diederik (author)
In this paper we present results of a global resource assessment for geothermal energy within deep aquifers for direct heat utilization. Greenhouse heating, spatial heating, and spatial cooling are considered in this assessment. We derive subsurface temperatures from geophysical data and apply a volumetric heat-in-place method to improve...
review 2018
Esteves Martins, Joana E. (author), Bekési, Eszter (author), Foker, Peter (author), Bonté, Damien (author), Limberger, Jon (author), van Wees, Jan-Diederik (author)
We present first results of PS-InSAR (Persistent Scatterer by Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry) time-series over the eastern sector of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt including several volcanic systems. The study area covers the Los Humeros and Acoculco geothermal fields. Los Humeros is one of the largest geothermal fields in Mexico...
poster 2018