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van Zaal, C.J. (author)
To protect the hinterland, flood defences are often located on the border between water and land. This same border however is also an attractive place to live, which may hamper improvement of flood protections. Closing off a tidal (river) system, especially in case of little discharge, may in this case be a logical consideration. This would...
master thesis 2017
Borghans, J.W. (author), Luijben, W.J.M. (author), Van Zaal, C.J. (author), Van Zanten, S.C. (author), Van Eijk, T.F.A. (author), Van der Zee, W. (author)
In 2014, NGO FT Kilimanjaro (FTK) focussed on southern Lower Moshi in order to avoid poverty and despair in this place. This southern Lower Moshi area is situated south of TPC; a large sugarcane plantation in the North of Tanzania, south of Mt. Kilimanjaro. After the exploratory interviews with the villagers, conducted by FTK, it appeared that...
student report 2015