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van de Riet, O. (author), Pietersma, S. (author), Enserink, B. (author)
Gedragsinzichten zijn onontbeerlijk om te komen tot effectief beleid, de mens is immers geen homo economicus. Dat geldt ­echter niet alleen voor uitvoeringsvraagstukken, maar ook voor het ontwerpen van beleid. Hier ligt er nog een groot onbenut potentieel.
journal article 2023
Kok, M. (author), van de Riet, O. (author), Walker, W.E. (author)
Here we examine whether a study conducted 25 years ago (1992) would have had different conclusions if concepts and analytical methods developed since then had been used. The 1992 problem was to identify a strategy for reducing flood risk in the Netherlands by, for example, strengthening the river dikes against the risk of flooding. Since then,...
journal article 2019
Tavasszy, L.A. (author), Duijnisveld, M (author), Hofman, F. (author), Pronk van Hoogeveen, S. (author), Schmorak, N. (author), Van de Berg, M. (author), Francke, J. (author), Van de Riet, O. (author), Van der Waard, J. (author), Poot, H. (author), Reiding, E. (author)
The basic use of transport models is that they help to increase our understanding of the mobility system. In more operational terms, they can be a basis for developing quantitative insights in the past and current state of the system or scenarios about the future. Models are also useful as impact assessment tools in decision making processes or...
conference paper 2010