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van de Ven, Daan (author), Hofland, Bas (author), van Kester, Dennis (author), Smith, Greg (author), Antonini, A. (author)
When constructing land reclamations, often sand is placed on top of the coarse rock of the bund surrounding the reclamation. The use of a geometrically open filter between the interface of sand and rock could be cost effective. It is expected that even a geometrically open filter with sand on top of gravel might be stable due to the arching...
conference paper 2023
van de Ven, Daan (author)
For the use of open filters in land reclamations new guidelines are needed as no research is currently done for the configuration of a sand layer is placed on top of a filter layer. This research focuses purely on the interaction between cyclic motions and the described sand-filter layer. A numerical OpenFOAM model is used to extract the order...
master thesis 2019
Boersma, Floris (author), Janmaat, Rens (author), van de Ven, Daan (author), Veenman, Tjerk (author), van Rhede van der Kloot, Godert (author)
At Isle of Palms there is a lot of erosion due to shoal bypassing events. Five TU Delft Hydraulic Engineering students went to the island under supervision of Coastal Science and Engineering. The main scope of the report is to create a thorough understanding of the processes that form, transform and propagate the shoals that cause catastrophic...
student report 2019