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Tanner, Florian (author), Tonn, Sebastian (author), de Wit, J. (author), Van den Ackerveken, Guido (author), Berger, Bettina (author), Plett, Darren (author)
Plant pathogens cause yield losses in crops worldwide. Breeding for improved disease resistance and management by precision agriculture are two approaches to limit such yield losses. Both rely on detecting and quantifying signs and symptoms of plant disease. To achieve this, the field of plant phenotyping makes use of non-invasive sensor...
review 2022
de Wit, J. (author), Tonn, Sebastian (author), van den Ackerveken, Guido (author), Kalkman, J. (author)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) can be a valuable imaging tool for in vivo and label-free digital plant phenotyping. However, for imaging leaves, air-filled cavities limit the penetration depth and reduce the image quality. Moreover, up to now quantification of leaf morphology with OCT has been done in one-dimensional or two-dimensional...
journal article 2020