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van den Oord, Ellen (author), van Campen, J.M.J.F. (author)
PowerPoint presentation
other 2020
van den Oord, Ellen (author)
The specific properties of fibre reinforced laminated composite plates can be optimized by tailoring the local stacking sequences to approach the locally required stiffness and strength. Blending enforces continuation of some or all plies from one stacking sequence to another to ensure structural integrity and manufacturability. Effectivity in...
master thesis 2018
van Campen, J.M.J.F. (author), van den Oord, Ellen (author)
Stacking sequence optimisation can be used to increase the strength or stiffness of a composite laminate, or to reduce its weight subject to a strength or stiffness constraint. Optimisation of larger composite structures consisting of multiple panels may result in stacking sequences of adjacent panels that are incompatible with one another. The...
abstract 2018