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van der Geest, Lars (author)
This thesis report is focused on the design of a guidance and control system that is able to minimize the deviation from the desired impact point for a firing range of 1 kilometer, given a 30mm spinning gun-launched projectile with a novel actuator design. This actuator is fixed on the projectile and offers a single force that can only be...
master thesis 2019
Bazilinskyy, P. (author), van der Geest, Lars (author), van Leeuwen, Stefan (author), Numan, Bart (author), Pijnacker, Joris (author), de Winter, J.C.F. (author)
Driving is a safety-critical task that predominantly relies on vision. However, visual information from the environment is sometimes degraded or absent. In other cases, visual information is available, but the driver fails to use it due to distraction or impairment. Providing drivers with real-time auditory feedback about the state of the...
journal article 2016