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van der Hagen, Joep (author)
Due to accelerating climate change, which entails more extreme storm conditions and exponential sea level rise, the protective function of our dikes and levees is under growing pressure. The presence of so-called forelands (e.g., beach, mudflat, and tidal marsh) are promising Nature-based Solutions to reduce the probability of dike failure and...
master thesis 2023
de Roos, Simone (author), Kanters, Mark (author), van der Hagen, Joep (author), van der Ent, Nils (author), Buis, Lisanne (author), Draisma, Max (author), Hartmeyer, Lea (author), Kaletkina, Anna (author)
What long ago started as a small fishing village, seeking refuge from the Romans, slowly evolved into the city of Venice that we know today. With its unique location came unique problems, most of which were related to the interplay between Venice and its lagoon. By severe measures in the past it has continued to withstand the test of time. <br/...
student report 2021