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Visser, Maaike (author), van der Heijden, Stefan (author), Mironov, Stas (author), Hullegien, Nils (author)
The Organic Rankine Cycle Hybrid Integrated Device (ORCHID) is a small scale power plant that is used to study the fundamental gas dynamic behavior of dense organic fluids, as well as the behavior of turbomachinery. In order to draw accurate conclusions about the raw sensor data generated by the ORCHID one has to know when the system is in...
bachelor thesis 2019
van der Heijden, Stefan (author)
During my master thesis, I developed a method for designers to establish self-sustaining product systems in third world countries. This journey started off with the quest to fight plastic waste pollution of the rural areas in Kenya. After thorough field- and technological research, I developed a toolset that allows locals to transform plastic...
master thesis 2018