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van der Horst, Noortje (author)
A digital reconstruction of real-life trees could provide many benefits in fields such as botany, forestry management, biology, and urban planning. Plant growth modelling in particular would enable the analysis of plant structure and behaviour in a customizable, widely applicable and non-destructive manner. Although many data-driven plant...
master thesis 2022
Dobson, Daniel (author), Dong, Haoyang (author), van der Horst, Noortje (author), Langhorst, Lars (author), van der Vaart, Jasper (author), Wu, Ziyan (author)
Storing accurate models of complex geometries in a compact way has become an increasingly challenging issue, especially when dealing with large datasets. One of such datasets is Cobra-Groeninzicht's database of all trees in the Netherlands. In the gaming industry, a new technique is being used to generate tree models: the L-system. An L-system...
student report 2021