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van der Horst, Tim (author)
Software testing is an integral part of the development of embedded systems. Among other reasons, tests are frequently used to ensure that a system meets all the specifications, which is especially important when designing systems for the medical industry. Software changes that have a detrimental impact on a real-time system's performance can...
master thesis 2021
Oudsen, Erik (author), Ruighaver, Ewoud (author), Everse, Luc (author), van der Horst, Tim (author)
Due to the dramatic increase in enrollments in the TU Delft Bachelor of Computer<br/>Science, the workload for teaching assistants and instructors has skyrocketed. To<br/>reduce this workload, automated tools can be used to make the grading process easier. This paper describes the development of AuTA (Automatic Teaching Assistant), a tool that...
bachelor thesis 2019