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Griffioen, H.J. (author), Oosthoek, K. (author), van der Knaap, Paul (author), Dörr, C. (author)
Amplification attacks generate an enormous flood of unwanted traffic towards a victim and are generated with the help of open, unsecured services, to which an adversary sends spoofed service requests that trigger large answer volumes to a victim. However, the actual execution of the packet flood is only one of the activities necessary for a...
conference paper 2021
van der Knaap, Paul (author)
The Internet has grown from a few interconnections of trusted parties to an incredibly large network with many different use cases. While the Internet grew, threats emerged as well. Although there are many different threats on the Internet, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a threat that keeps rising in the threat landscape. The...
master thesis 2020
van Schagen, Jurgen (author), Bridié, Dereck (author), van der Knaap, Paul (author)
The E-Sports Game Arena will launch an esports cafe in the summer of 2017. At this location, the company wants to introduce membership cards to create a sense of community. The goal of the project was to explore the technological possibilities of such cards and to create a working prototype that makes use of these possibilities.<br/> <br/>At the...
bachelor thesis 2017