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Enschedé, M. (author), Van Looij, Z. (author), Van der Meer, R. (author), Van Oorschot, H. (author), Oudshoorn, R. (author), Stevens, T. (author)
In the southern part of Vietnam, where the lower Mekong Delta is located, coastal erosion problems occur. In the Bạc Liêu province, one of the twelve provinces in the Mekong Delta, the width of the mangrove belt between the sea dyke and the sea is reduced by 100 m in the last four years. By rehabilitation of the mangrove forest, the hinterland...
student report 2017
van der Meer, R. (author)
The resource theory approach is a recently developed framework used in the study of thermodynamics for finite sized quantum systems. A simple way to describe how a quantum system evolves under energy-preserving unitaries while interacting with thermal reservoirs, has been formulated in the framework of thermal operations. Despite the conceptual...
bachelor thesis 2016
Van der Meer, R. (author)
Together with the amount of transported containers, the size of the container vessels increases. With the size of the ships their draught also becomes larger. At the moment Germany does not have a harbour, suitable to receive these large container vessels. The idea has risen to design and construct a new deep-water port. The authorities took...
master thesis 2002