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van der Stap, Florian L. (author), Nielsen, Martin B. (author), Owen, C.C. (author), van der Male, P. (author), Hendrikse, H. (author)
For the design of offshore foundations in regions such as the Baltic Sea, it is paramount that ice-structure interaction is appropriately considered. For the monopile, a common foundation for offshore wind turbines, challenges with ice-induced vibrations and high ridge loads may require ice-mitigating measures to be included in the design. A ...
conference paper 2023
van der Stap, Florian (author)
The increasing popularity of offshore wind as a result of the demand for renewable energy, forces the industry to consider the development of wind farms in sub-arctic areas. One of these areas is the Baltic Sea, where the potential for wind energy is very large, but which is also prone to the occurrence of ice. For the design of offshore...
master thesis 2022