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Hussain, A.A.A. (author), Khoshnevis Gargar, N. (author), Meulenbroek, B.J. (author), van der Star, Wouter R L (author), Bruining, J. (author), Claringbould, Johan (author), Reerink, Ayla (author), Wolf, K.H.A.A. (author)
abstract 2021
van Wesenbeeck, B (author), de Boer, W.B. (author), Narayan, Siddharth (author), van der Star, Wouter R L (author), de Vries, Mindert B. (author)
Adaptation planning for flood risk forms a significant part of global climate change response. Engineering responses to higher water levels can be prohibitively costly. Several recent studies emphasize the potential role of ecosystems in flood protection as adaptive risk reduction measures while also contributing to carbon fixation. Here, we...
journal article 2016