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van der Ven, Mizzi (author)
Hydrologic model performance evaluation depends on streamflow observations that are accurately positioned in the landscape. For distributed hydrologic models, this means that the streamflow observation need to be mapped to a location along the model streamflow network that represents the location of the observation station in a hydrologic system...
master thesis 2021
van der Ven, Mizzi (author), Scheurwater, Bart (author), Scheijmans, Jasper (author), Tukker, Jim (author), Hartman, Nicole (author)
The Tsleil-Wautuh Nation (TWN) reserve, Sleil-Waututh, located at the north shore of the Burrard Inlet in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) is strongly influenced by climate change. Sea level rise, coastal flooding and shoreline erosion are contributing to loss of land, damages to infrastructure, ecosystem changes and exposure of historic...
student report 2020