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Yarce Botero, A. (author), van Weele, Michiel (author), Segers, Arjo (author), Siebesma, A.P. (author), Eskes, Henk (author)
Meteorological fields calculated by numerical weather prediction (NWP) models drive offline chemical transport models (CTMs) to solve the transport, chemical reactions, and atmospheric interaction over the geographical domain of interest. HARMONIE (HIRLAM ALADIN Research on Mesoscale Operational NWP in Euromed) is a state-of-the-art non...
journal article 2024
Liu, Mengyao (author), van der A, Ronald (author), van Weele, Michiel (author), Eskes, Henk (author), Lu, Xiao (author), Veefkind, j. Pepijn (author), de Laat, Jos (author), Kong, Hao (author), Wang, Jingxu (author)
We present a new divergence method to estimated methane (CH<sub>4</sub>) emissions from satellite observed mean mixing ratio of methane (XCH<sub>4</sub>) by deriving the regional enhancement of XCH<sub>4</sub> in the Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL). The applicability is proven by comparing the estimated emissions with its known emission...
journal article 2021