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Klopman, G. (author)
Bij het bepalen van auto- en kruisspectrale vermogensdichtheidsfunklies (in het vervolg van deze notitie: spectra) van tijdreeksen ult een meetreeks van beperkte duur, onstaat in het algemeen lek van vermogensdichtheid bij een bepaalde frequentie naar andere frequenties. Dit wordt veroorzaakt door het feit, dat als het signaal periodiek wordt...
report 1989
Yamazaki, H. (author), Herbich, J.B. (author)
A nonparametric bivariate density estimation technique is developed employing tensor product B-splines to provide a concise wave data summary. Most of the existing nonparametric techniques involve a certain level of subjectivity in the choice of smoothing parameters. A criterion based on the least squares concept is proposed to remove the...
report 1985
Hasselmann, K. (author), Barnett, T.P. (author), Bouws, E. (author), Carlson, H. (author), Cartwright, D.E. (author), Enke, K. (author), Ewing, J.A. (author), Gienapp, H. (author), Hasselmann, D.E. (author), Kruseman, P. (author), Meerburg, A. (author), Müller, P. (author), Olbers, D.J. (author), Richter, K. (author), Sell, W. (author), Walden, H. (author)
"Wave spectra were measured along a profile extending 160 kilometers into the North Sea westward from Sylt for a period often weeks in 1968 and 1969. During the main experiment in July 1969, thirteen wave stations were in operation, of which six stations continued measurements into the first two weeks of August. A smaller pilot experiment was...
report 1973