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Burcharth, H.F. (author), Liu, Z. (author), Jenssen, M.S. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author), D' Angremond, K. (author)
The paper presents a design formula for Tetrapod armour on a 1:1.5 slope exposed to head-on random wave attack The formula predicts the relative number of broken Tetrapods as function of: the mass of the Tetrapods, the concrete tensile strength and the wave height in front of the structure. Thus, the formula addresses the observed problem of...
report 1995
Kortenhaus, A. (author), Van der Meer, J. (author), Burcharth, H.F. (author), Geeraerts, J. (author), Pullen, T. (author), Ingram, D. (author), Troch, P. (author)
CLASH is concentrating on investigations of wave overtopping for different structures in prototype and in laboratory. The model investigations have focussed on wave overtopping and the comparison of overtopping results from small-scale model tests and prototype measurements. Possible differences in the results from small-scale tests and...
report 2005