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Mastbergen, D.R. (author), Kemenade, A.J.M. van (author), Winterwerp, J.C. (author), Pernis, W.J. van (author), Groot, M.B. de (author)
report 1987
Bolton, P. (author)
The terms 'wash load', 'suspended bed material load' and 'bed load' are not clearly defined but, if applied with care, provide a useful basis for sub-dividing the total discharge of sediment in a river for the purpose of measurement. The accuracy with which each of the three types of sediment transport must be measured will depend on their...
report 1983
Bakker, W.T. (author), Joustra, D.Sj. (author)
The aims of this paper are: 1. To publish some available coastal measurements and computations of more than local importance. 2. To investigate the influence of groynes in practice. 3. To investigate the motion of the gullies in the outer deltas. The following conclusions are drawn: 1. The gross littoral drift along the Dutch coast is of the...
report 1970