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Li, S. (author), Liu, J. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author)
Over the past two decades, a number of methods have been proposed for solving maritime collision avoidance problems. Most of these works take a single ship's perspective and focus on one-to-one or one-to-many situations. To more complicated many-to-many situations, less attention has been paid. To deal with the many-to-many collision...
journal article 2019
Liu, Huimin (author), Jiang, Canhui (author), Liu, Y. (author), Hertogh, M.J.C.M. (author), Lyu, Xue (author)
The high uncertainty of megaproject results in increasing complexity in the decisionmaking and ultimately leads to different degrees of cost overrun and project delays. One of the critical reasons for cost overrun and delay is the optimism bias of decision makers. Although the previous literature has analyzed the cost overrun distribution of...
journal article 2018