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Zhang, W. (author), Martinelli, J. (author), Mayer, F. (author), Bonnet, C.S. (author), Szeremeta, F. (author), Djanashvili, K. (author)
Among the procedures to prepare lanthanide-containing nanoparticles a gap exists in the range between 5 and 40 nm. The miniemulsion technique presented here is intended to fill this discontinuity and offers a facile method that can be applied for the preparation of nanoparticles for various applications, e.g. medical imaging, optics and...
journal article 2015
Ranoux, A. (author), Djanashvili, K. (author), Arends, I.W.C.E. (author), Hanefeld, U. (author)
Novel amorphous mesoporous borosilicate, B-TUD-1, was prepared to test its performance for different sustainable reactions. The structure of the material, the effective incorporation of boron into the framework as well as the nature of incorporated boron were verified by N2-sorption, XRD, ICP-OES, TEM, NH3-desorption, MAS NMR and FTIR. The...
journal article 2013