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Petrus, M.L. (author), Bein, T. (author), Dingemans, T.J. (author), Docampo, P. (author)
Most hole transporting materials (HTMs) prepared for perovskite solar cell applications are synthesized via cross-coupling reactions that require expensive transition metal catalysts, inert reaction conditions and extensive product purification; making large-scale production cost-prohibitive. Here, we describe the synthesis of a simple...
journal article 2015
Petrus, M.L. (author), Bouwer, R.K.M. (author), Lafont, U. (author), Athanasopoulos, S. (author), Greenham, N.C. (author), Dingemans, T.J. (author)
Conjugated small-molecule azomethines for photovoltaic applications were prepared via Schiff base condensation chemistry. Bulk heterojunction (BHJ) devices exhibit efficiencies of 1.2% with MoOx as the hole-transporting layer. The versatility and simplicity of the chemistry is illustrated by preparing a photovoltaic device directly from the...
journal article 2014
Petrus, M.L. (author), Bouwer, R.K.M. (author), Lafont, U. (author), Murthy, D.H.K. (author), Kist, R.J.P. (author), Böhm, M.L. (author), Olivier, Y. (author), Savenije, T.J. (author), Siebbeles, L.D.A. (author), Greenham, N.C. (author), Dingemans, T.J. (author)
Three conjugated triphenylamine-based poly(azomethine)s were prepared via well-known polycondensation chemistry using cheap and readily available starting materials and the results were contrasted with rrP3HT. Three functionalized diaminetriphenylamines (TPA(X), X ¼ –H, –OMe, –CN) were polymerized in a simple one-step process with 2,3...
journal article 2013