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Szymańska, K. (author), Odrozek, K. (author), Zniszczoł, A. (author), Torrelo, G. (author), Resch, V. (author), Hanefeld, U. (author), Jarzębskia, A.B. (author)
Acyltransferase from Mycobacterium smegmatis (MsAcT) immobilised in continuous-flow microchannel (30-50 ?m dia.) reactors with hierarchical pore structure (4 cm3/g total pore volume) enabled quantitative, full and rapid transesterification of neopentylglycol with ethyl acetate in a biphasic 50/50 % system in less than one minute. MsAcT was...
journal article 2016
Resch, V. (author), Hanefeld, U. (author)
Water is omnipresent and essential. Yet at the same time it is a rather unreactive molecule. The direct addition of water to C[double bond, length as m-dash]C double bonds is therefore a challenge not answered convincingly. In this perspective we critically evaluate the selectivity and the applicability of the different catalytic approaches for...
journal article 2014
Schrittwieser, J.H. (author), Resch, V. (author)
Alkaloids are not only one of the most intensively studied classes of natural products, their wide spectrum of pharmacological activities also makes them indispensable drug ingredients in both traditional and modern medicine. Among the methods for their production, biotechnological approaches are gaining importance, and biocatalysis has emerged...
journal article 2013