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Breugem, W.A. (author)
Two experiments are performed in order to investigate suspended sediment transport in a turbulent open channel flow. The first experiment used particle image velocimetry (PIV) to measure the fluid velocity with a high spatial resolution, while particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) was used to measure the velocity of individual sediment particles....
doctoral thesis 2012
Cargnelutti, M. (author), Breugem, W.A. (author), Portela, L.M. (author), Mudde, R.F. (author), Uijttewaal, W.S.J. (author), Stelling, G.S. (author)
In this work, a comparison between the results of point-particle direct numerical simulations and PIV/PTV experiments of a particle-laden horizontal channel flow is presented. The numerical simulations were preformed trying to mimic as much as possible the experimental conditions. The accuracy of the point-particle approach was evaluated by...
conference paper 2006