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Maher, G.D. (author), Hulshoff, S.J. (author)
The Variational Germano Identity [1, 2] is used to optimize the coefficients of residual-based subgrid-scale models that arise from the application of a Variational Multiscale Method [3, 4]. It is demonstrated that numerical iterative methods can be used to solve the Germano relations to obtain values for the parameters of subgrid-scale models...
conference paper 2014
De Borst, R. (author), Hulshoff, S.J. (author), Lenz, S. (author), Munts, E.A. (author), Van Brummelen, E.H. (author), Wall, W.A. (author)
The basic idea of multiscale methods, namely the decomposition of a problem into a coarse scale and a fine scale, has in an intuitive manner been used in engineering for many decades, if not for centuries. Also in computational science, large-scale problems have been solved, and local data, for instance displacements, forces or velocities, have...
conference paper 2006