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Herrmann, F.J. (author), Wang, D. (author), Verschuur, D.J. (author)
In many exploration areas, successful separation of primaries and multiples greatly determines the quality of seismic imaging. Despite major advances made by surface-related multiple elimination (SRME), amplitude errors in the predicted multiples remain a problem. When these errors vary for each type of multiple in different ways (as a function...
journal article 2008
Mahdad, A. (author), Doulgeris, P. (author), Blacquiere, G. (author)
Seismic acquisition is a trade-off between economy and quality. In conventional acquisition the time intervals between successive records are large enough to avoid interference in time. To obtain an efficient survey, the spatial source sampling is therefore often (too) large. However, in blending, or simultaneous acquisition, temporal overlap...
journal article 2011