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Janssen, C.M. (author)
This literature review is part of the ongoing research on sand transport in oscillatory sheet-flow, as taking place at the coast during storms. Because sheet-flow corresponds to conditions of high shear stress, large amounts of sand are transported. Therefore it is an important part of the total sand transport (sheet-flow and suspended load)....
report 1995
Zhang, C.K. (author)
Data analysis of Delta flume observations and calculationsThe objective of the present study is to analyse the measurement data of profiles and velocity moments, to derive the measured cross-shore sediment transport rates from the profile records and to compare the observed transport rates with the results from several existing prediction models...
report 1994
Katsui, H. (author)
The probabilistic design method of a cover layer of pipe line under the horizontal bottom is described. By assuming that the water velocity at the bottom is Rayleigh distributed, probability of bottom shear stress was derived. With a combination of the probability function of bottom shear and a simple sediment transport formula given by Madsen...
report 1982