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Beekers, D.I. (author), van Rooij, Tom (author), van der Steen, A.F.W. (author), de Jong, N. (author), Verweij, M.D. (author), Kooiman, Klazina (author)
Ultrasound contrast agents consist of gas-filled coated microbubbles that oscillate upon ultrasound insonification. Their characteristic oscillatory response provides contrast enhancement for imaging and has the potential to locally enhance drug delivery. Since microbubble response depends on the local acoustic pressure, an ultrasound...
journal article 2018
van Rooij, Tom (author), Beekers, D.I. (author), Lattwein, Kirby R. (author), van der Steen, A.F.W. (author), de Jong, N. (author), Kooiman, Klazina (author)
One of the main challenges for ultrasound molecular imaging is acoustically distinguishing nonbound microbubbles from those bound to their molecular target. In this in vitro study, we compared two types of in-house produced targeted lipid-coated microbubbles, either consisting of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, C16:0 (DPPC) or 1...
journal article 2017