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Zhao, G. (author), Visser, P.J. (author), Peeters, P. (author)
Embankment breaching is a composite process coupled by hydraulic processes and sediment transport processes. Erosion is the link in the interaction between breach flow and embankment material. Surface erosion starts in the initial breach phase and triggers the initial damage of the embankment. As the surface erosion develops completely, the...
report 2014
Zhu, Y. (author), Visser, P.J. (author), Vrijling, J.K. (author), Wang, G.Q. (author)
Breaching of embankments has recently drawn more and more attention due to its importance in the development of early warning systems for embankment failures, in the evacuation plans of people at risk, in the design method of embankments based on a risk-approach, etc. The erosion process observed during embankment breaching tests in the...
journal article 2011
Visser, P.J. (author), Vrijling, J.K. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author)
The set-up and results of a field experiment on sand-dike breach erosion are described, It is found that the breaching process for the 2.2 m high sand-dike is similar to that in Visser's (1988) laboratory experiments with a 0.6 m high sand-dike. Confrontation of Visser's (1988) breach erosion model with the field data shows reasonable agreement...
conference paper 1990