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Ventra, W.J. (author), Westra, H.J.R. (author), Babaei Gavan, K. (author), Van der Zant, H.S.J. (author)
We demonstrate magnetomotive drive and detection of doubly clamped string resonators in water. A compact 1.9 T permanent magnet is used to detect the fundamental and higher flexural modes of 200??m long resonators. Good agreement is found between the magnetomotive measurements and optical measurements performed on the same resonator. The...
journal article 2009
Goennenwein, S.T.B. (author), Keizer, R.S. (author), Schink, S.W. (author), Van Dijk, I. (author), Klapwijk, T.M. (author), Miao, G.X. (author), Xiao, G. (author), Gupta, A. (author)
We have measured the in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance of 100?nm thick CrO2 thin films at liquid He temperatures. In low magnetic fields H, both the longitudinal and the transverse (planar Hall) resistance show abrupt switches, which characteristically depend on the orientation of H. All the experimental findings consistently demonstrate...
journal article 2007
Kovalev, A.A. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author), Brataas, A. (author)
A nanomagnetomechanical system consisting of a cantilever and a thin magnetic film is predicted to display magnetovibrational modes, which should enable applications for sensors and actuators. The “polaritonic” modes can be detected by line splittings in ferromagnetic resonance spectra.
journal article 2003