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Wada, Yoshihide (author), Bierkens, Marc F.P. (author), de Roo, A (author), Dirmeyer, Paul A. (author), Famiglietti, James S. (author), Hanasaki, Naota (author), Konar, Megan (author), Liu, Junguo (author), Schmied, Hannes Möller (author), Oki, Taikan (author), Pokhrel, Yadu (author), Sivapalan, Murugesu (author), Troy, Tara J. (author), Van Dijk, Albert I J M (author), van Emmerik, T.H.M. (author), Van Huijgevoort, Marjolein H.J. (author), Van Lanen, Henny A.J. (author), Vörösmarty, Charles J. (author), Wanders, Niko (author), Wheater, Howard (author)
Over recent decades, the global population has been rapidly increasing and human activities have altered terrestrial water fluxes to an unprecedented extent. The phenomenal growth of the human footprint has significantly modified hydrological processes in various ways (e.g. irrigation, artificial dams, and water diversion) and at various...
journal article 2017