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Van Dijk, T. (author), Schouten, H.F. (author), Visser, T.D. (author)
We analyze the coherence singularities that occur in the far field that is generated by a broad class of partially coherent sources. It is shown that for rotationally symmetric planar quasihomogeneous sources the coherence singularities form a two-dimensional surface in a reduced three-dimensional space. We illustrate our results by studying the...
journal article 2009
Raghunathan, S.B. (author), Gan, C.H. (author), Van Dijk, T. (author), Ea Kim, B. (author), Schouten, H.F. (author), Ubachs, W. (author), Lalanne, P. (author), Visser, T.D. (author)
We report a plasmon steering method that enables us to dynamically control the direction of surface plasmons generated by a two-mode slit in a thin metal film. By varying the phase between different coherent beams that are incident on the slit, individual waveguide modes are excited. Different linear combinations of the two modes lead to...
journal article 2012