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Liu, G. (author), Ling, F.Q. (author), Van der Mark, E.J. (author), Zhang, X.D. (author), Knezev, A. (author), Verberk, J.Q.J.C. (author), Van der Meer, W.G.J. (author), Medema, G.J. (author), Liu, W.T. (author), Van Dijk, J.C. (author)
This study assessed the characteristics of and changes in the suspended particles and the associated bacteria in an unchlorinated drinking water distribution system and its reservoirs with different water sources. The results show that particle-associated bacteria (PAB) were present at a level of 0.8–4.5?×?103 cells ml?1 with a biological...
journal article 2016
De Moel, P.J. (author), Van der Helm, A.W.C. (author), Van Rijn, M. (author), Van Dijk, J.C. (author), Van der Meer, W.G.J. (author)
The new German standard on the calculation of calcite saturation in drinking water, DIN 38404-10, 2012 (DIN), marks a change in drinking water standardization from using simplified equations applicable for nomographs and simple calculators to using extensive chemical modeling requiring computer programs. The standard outlines the chemical...
journal article 2013
De Moel, P.J. (author), Van Dijk, J.C. (author), Van der Meer, W. (author)
journal article 2012