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Klimczuk, T. (author), Wang, C.H. (author), Lawrence, J.M. (author), Xu, Q. (author), Durakiewicz, T. (author), Ronning, F. (author), Llobet, A. (author), Trouw, F. (author), Kurita, N. (author), Tokiwa, Y. (author), Lee, H. (author), Booth, C.H. (author), Gardner, J.S. (author), Bauer, E.D. (author), Joyce, J.J. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author), Movshovich, R. (author), Cava, R.J. (author), Thompson, J.D. (author)
We report extensive measurements on a new compound (Yb0.24Sn0.76)Ru that crystallizes in the cubic CsCl structure. Valence-band photoemission (PES) and L3 x-ray absorption show no divalent component in the 4f configuration of Yb. Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) indicates that the eight-fold degenerate J-multiplet of Yb3+ is split by the...
journal article 2011